I have been making collages, of one form or another, for as long as I can remember. Time spent as a child with paste and tissue paper, popsicle sticks and gilded macaroni had a direct effect on the work I am doing now. I have spent great portions of my life making quilted fabric collages, pieced wearable collage clothing, and jewelry assembled from collected bits of detritus and treasure. As an illustrator, the element of underlying story is intrinsic to my work. My most recent work includes hand colored and painted papers as well as found papers and fabrics. There is something remarkably satisfying about the time spent collecting, sorting and examining the various bits and pieces that will eventually become illustrations, sculptural collages or jewelry. The process of building each piece involves hours of arranging and rearranging … delicious trial and error … until the right combination/composition appears and the work finds its own voice.